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Maxi Jumbo Toilet Rolls 6 x 400m 2 ply, 2¼ or 3 inch core

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Maxi Jumbo toilet rolls are a great way to supply your company bathroom with a quality toilet paper at incredible value for money. This product is suitable for every type of workplace environment from hospitals, schools, factories, workshops, leisure facilities to all kinds of office complexes. The longer rolls ensure the user should never run out and also less frequent filling saves on maintenance time. This also provides a great solution for high traffic areas such as schools or services stations where the usage is especially high.  A shrink wrapped outer allows the product to be easily stacked up and stored away.

Features & Benefits

*Excellent value for money

*6 rolls x 400m per case

*Available in 2¼” and 3″ core sizes

*Easy storage

*2 ply, white

*CHSA accredited

Fits our Jumbo Dispenser